I Lost An Electron! Are You Positive t-shirt, tank top, hoodie & sweatshirt

“I Lost An Electron! Are You Positive?”, a perfect T-shirt for a science lover. Specifically, design by DezziArt for anyone who loves scient.

Let’s find out something about this phrase “I Lost An Electron! Are You Positive?”.

There are a lot of versions of this joke. For example:

“Two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar.

One says, “I think I’ve lost an electron.”

The other says, “Are you sure?”

The first replies, “Yes, I’m positive…”

I Lost An Electron! Are You Positive t-shirt, tank top, hoodie & sweatshirt

An Atom is an essential piece of any matter that can touch or feel (except for energy). An atom is made of 3 subatomic particles including protons, neutrons, and electrons. The Center of an atom is called the nucleus, made of protons, neutrons. The electrons which carry a negative charge, fly above the nucleus.

What keeps atom together is the electrical force which is similar to what keeping magnet to work. The force is created by negative electrons and positive protons with an equal number of electrons and protons.

When everything is at its balance and the atom lost one of its electrons, then there will be more protons than electrons, more positive than negative. Then the atom becomes positive. Well, there is nothing bad about being positive, especially for you. When you become positive then your life will be better.

Firstly, we should stop talking about all the things that we don’t like. What would happen if we tried to resist the urge to look at the negative side of everything? What would our conversations sound as if we were intentional about not complaining?

Secondly, Be thankful. Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday; it is a lifestyle. It is a way of living that gives thanks in all circumstances. Try keeping a journal where you list three things you are thankful for every day and when you think about it, you will see that you have more good things to be thankful for than we thought. Moreover, be a smile. Everyday. Every time. Practice it.

Last but not least, be where you are. We always think that good means we will have everything which is expected to go our way, so when things aren’t perfect, we lose our faith. What if, though, we learn joy wherever we are in life? What if we can give thanks and smile even when we don’t get the desired grade and we don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day?

Next time someone asks you how you are, let’s answer “good,” “Life is good” with full of happiness and power. This will be not just because that’s your automatic answer or what you think you should say, this will be your lifestyle.

I Lost An Electron! Are You Positive t-shirt, tank top, hoodie & sweatshirt

Or if you want to challenge the one that you are talking to, just say “I Lost An Electron”. Even if

They do not understand your answer, you already knew “ You are positive”.

Let’s try out our T-shirt “I Lost An Electron! Are You Positive?”

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