African American Wonder Woman t-shirt, tank top, hoodie & sweatshirt

This T-shirt is created exclusive designs for trendy people who love funny things and love Wonder Women.

Let’s find out some interesting things about the “Black Wonda’ Woman” on the T-shirt:

African American Wonder Woman t-shirt, tank top, hoodie & sweatshirt

As probably most of you will know Wonder Woman, a superhero in the DC Comics, a founding member of the Justice League. Wonder Woman or Princess Diana of Themyscira or Diana Princess’s first appearance was in October 1941.

Originally, Princess Diana is a goddess, an Amazonian, an Olympian. She is a fighter with super-strength, strong-willed, loving peace but never backs down from a fight. Wonder woman, she is the symbol of integrity, humanity.

Talk about the other wonder woman. The first time two of them meet was in Amazon where Diana is challenged in single combat. After knocking Diana to the ground, the black stranger introduces herself as Nubia, the true Wonder Woman and she will be back someday to decide who has the right to claim the title before returning to her own island.

So, the first appearance of Black Wonder Woman was in January 1973 and she is the first black woman superhero in the DC comics.

Now, we all know that Princess Diana is a trained and experienced warrior with Amazonian martial art. She is also an athlete with superhuman strength (some said that it is comparable to superman). In addition, as she is a demigod, she has the ability to fly, semi-immortality and healing. In addition to such powers, she is equipped with Amazon bracelets and golden lasso.

About Nubia, the Black Wonder Woman, she also has similar power as Princess Diana including super strength, speed, hand to hand combat. Furthermore, she is immortal, she can stay in one youthful form.

Other than the abilities which are similar to Diana, Nubia also has the ability which is called “Cold sight”. The name says it all. The ability to turn anyone into stone.

Nubia’s magic sword is the only weapon on earth that can come up against Diana’s lasso.

Nubia also has healing power which heals her body physical wounds or toxins by becoming one with the Earth’s soil. Diana also can do this and the first time she does, she prays “Gaea, I pray to you. Grant me your strength. You are the Earth who suckled me, who nurtured and bred me. Through you, all life is renewed. The circle which never ends. I pray you, mother Gaea, take me into your bosom. Please, let me be worthy.

African American Wonder Woman t-shirt, tank top, hoodie & sweatshirt

Gaea is the mother of Uranus; the Giants, and of Pontus.

Now, you know it all, if you like Nubia and her power. Let’s try our new T-shirt “Black Wonda’ Woman”.

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